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Sabrina - Greatest Christmas Movie of All Time 


Here’s the thing about Home Alone. It’s a classic. Home Alone is able to combine heartwarming and comical which to me makes viewers experience “the Christmas Spirit”. There’s much debate on which of the three movies is the best. Some say the first one because it is a classic. For me though, I think that it is Home Alone 2. Home Alone 2 is grandeur as little Kevin travels around New York City. The plot of the movie is executed perfectly, as the family do everything they can to prevent what happened in the first movie. Surely enough, even though Kevin is alone in New York, he’s managed to stay in the fanciest hotels and have an amazing time. He’s made connections with people and even confronted the burglars. Overall, Home Alone deserves the praise and attention. 

Vicky - Uber Driver? Uber Sleigh Rider 


The world is so big, you’d think Santa Claus can drop in just anywhere; but no. He’s over in Northern Europe taking the Finnish folk for a sleigh ride. That’s right. Partnering with Uber, complete with a branded reindeer harness and all, Santa is offering free 2-hour rides through the scenic Lapland forests in Finland, beginning in the Apukka Resort in the town of Rovaniemi. Given Saint Nick’s traditional history, this place is considered his hometown, falling just past the borderline of the Arctic Circle. 

The end of 2022 welcomes him as the first on-demand reindeer ride of the planet, and he comes with good timing. The town of Rovaniemi expects a 46% increase in tourism, which may possibly reach even further heights with the Uber Sleigh Rider. The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance, or the EMEA, is the largest group of mobility experts in Europe, and vice president Anabel Diaz of the EMEA at Uber had something to say about it: “At Uber, we’re always looking at ways to bring a little magic to every trip, and with just the tap of a button you could be on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of one of the most beautiful places on earth.” (Fox 2022) None better than Mr. Claus himself to bring a little travel magic this Christmas.


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Klaudia and Klaudia- Best Places to travel during Christmas break 




    Christmas time is the best time of the year but sadly, Miami is not the most ideal place to spend your Christmas. No snow, it’s hot, and the Kendall ice skating rink just doesn’t do it. Christmas is meant to be spent around snow, family and hot chocolate. Here are some of the top 5 places where you should spend your Christmas.


         New York is Hollywood’s go- to Christmas place. Both Home Alone and Elf are based in New York. Watching these movies makes Christmas in New York seem one of the only right place to spend Christmas. One of New York’s biggest Christmas attractions is the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Standing at 82 feet and weighing 14 tons, the Rockefeller Tree becomes the heart of New York. Right in front of the tree is the famous ice skating rink opened to the public. New York during Christmas is filled with lights and decorations. Spending some time in Central Park as the city glistens while having hot chocolate sounds like a great time.   


The Santa Claus village is located in Rovaniemi, Finland. This city will make you feel part of the Polar Express movie. You will have a closer look at how Santa lives. In the village you can do multiple activities like meeting Santa's reindeer, seeing how the elves work in the factory creating the toys, and creating the experience of eating in a snow restaurant.  This place is also known as the paradise for northern lights hunters. 


    Besides free health care Switzerland is a winter wonderland. It’s covered with big green trees capped with white snowy coats. If you are looking to stay somewhere that looks like where Santa may live, its Switzerland. There are multiple towns and villages to visit, as well as local festivals and celebrations. One thing to do is take a train through Switzerland. The scenery is beautiful and you will feel like you are on the Polar Express. 

Cologne, Germany has the best Christmas market of the season. In the city, you will find multiple wooden houses that will transport you to a rustic town of the 16th century. There you can buy handicrafts and try their famous warm wine. Also, you will have the opportunity of visiting the most important cathedral of Germany: “Kölner Dom,” the tallest gothic building in the world that houses the bones of the three Magi. 


Feel like a royal as you see the striking horse guards parade in Buckingham Palace. During the Christmas season you will feel the magic of being in London, a place full of history and mystery. The house of Shakespeare is waiting for you with magnificent meals and the beautiful Cotswold countryside. Do not miss the unique lights tour, experience London glowing with twinkling lights around the city. You will enjoy visiting the different cathedrals and castles that will make you feel part of a princess movie. 


Amelia - World Cup Traveling 

    Every four years football fans look forward to the screams that fill the stadium with anticipation and excitement. Qatar 2022 is no exception. Over 1 million people traveled to Qatar for this World Cup. Despite the country’s strict restrictions on flight costs, accommodation scarcity, fanatics will do anything to experience their country’s representatives from a few meters away. 

    The hosting country has experienced an invasion of different colors. Blue and white for Argentina make their enthusiasm and proudness known by singing their uplifting songs and noise that travels all the way to those other fans in Argentina. The Mexican tricolor once again makes an appealing arrival for the Qatari as they are gladly invited to roam around their city spreading the Mexican culture. The other tricolor, Ecuador, floods the streets with its people to demonstrate their immense appreciation they have for their players. Ecuador made history by winning for the first time in any World Cup opening game against Qatar. The biggest group that traveled to support their team was Saudi Arabia with over 77,000 fans. Reflecting their enormous shock and exhilaration as they achieve a victory against the Argentina National team. Brazilians deck out in their green and yellow jerseys to celebrate their goals through iconic dances. 

The World Cup is a time where not only people travel, but so does culture and patriotism. Those fortunate enough to watch the World Cup live are able to make an impression on the rest of the people there and show their pride towards their country. Customs and traditions are shared between them. This is a time where countries connect. 

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