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Image by Tiana Attride




- Klaudia Litardo 

Sun + sand + ocean + music = perfect summer. Music creates memories, memories that you will keep forever, memories that you will remember every time you hear a song. Your summer playlist must have balance from pop to salsa where you can relax but at the same time dance. In order to achieve this goal, I will give you some options of songs that you can implement in your playlist to make it funny and enjoyable. 


Starting with pop music: 

  1. Latch by Sam Smith

  2. Cold Water by Justin Bieber

  3. Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles 

  4. Coachella by Lovelytheband

  5.  Perfect strangers by Jonas Blue 

  6. American Teen by Khalid

  7. Location by Khalid


Continuing with spanish:

  1. Verano Azul by JuanMagan

  2. Después de la playa by Bad Bunny 

  3. Monaco by Danny Ocean 

  4. Me rehuso by Danny Ocean 

  5. Julieta by Latin Mafia 

  6. Algo me gusta de ti by Wisin

  7. La Gozadera by Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony 


Finishing with EDM: 


  1. Polaroid by Jonas Blue 

  2. The Nights by Avicii

  3. Memories by David Guetta 

  4. Ocean by Martin Garrix 

  5. Hear me now by Alok

  6. Summer by Calvin Harris 

  7. Without you David Guetta 

  8. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities 


I feel that these songs will give you a better experience in summer, enjoy it and make memories through it.


Tatiana Piña- 

EDM, electronic dance, has become more and more popular. Many artists like Drake, Bad Bunny, and Dua Lipa have collaborated with DJ’s and created some of the best song and album tracks. Since the 2000's - the rise of more mainstream EDM music - EDM has proved that it is the best genre to listen to in the summer. 


“Latch” by Sam Smith and Disclosure is a song that marks my summer in 2014. The song makes you feel like you are living in the moment and all your worries are gone. Many EDM songs deliver exactly this feeling and that’s what summer is all about. 


Here are some EDM songs to listen to this summer


Feel so close- Calvin Harris

Get Lucky- Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams 

Where Are U Now- Diplo ft. Skrillex and Justin Bieber 

Levels- Avicii

We Found Love- Calvin Harris, Rihanna

Summertime Sadness (Remix)- Lana del Rey vs. Cedric Gervais

Pepas- Farruko

Love tonight – SHOUSE 

You Are My High – DJ Snake 

El Apagón – Bad Bunny

Album: Honestly, Nevermind - Drake

Cold Heart PNAU remix – Elton John, Dua Lipa

_ (3).jpeg

Boring Summers- Sabrina Thompson 

Every high school student is excited for summer. Waiting for the last bell on the last day of school. Every student gathers together and dreams over the exciting summer they’ll have. Most students imagine that their summer will consist of sunny days, salty beaches, refreshing drinks, overshared laughs, dark tan lines, hanging out with friends all day, and more. Then after 2 weeks, most students are in their houses, rotting in their rooms. It’s a sad reality, but even though it might seem depressing, there might be a beauty in doing nothing. Although it is important for one to be social and hangout with your friends, it’s peaceful to spend time with yourself. Summer is a break from the consistency of school. It is meant to be spent relaxing and enjoying the free days. Those days do not need to be pressured with consistently going out every day. Boring summers are not as terrible as many perceive them as, even simplicity can make up the summer. 




A land of indigenous peoples and a heart of paradise. Home to a scenery of forestry, geological curiosities, and marine beauty. Its lands formed by a series of volcanoes, it has risen into a place among the 50 states in the year 1959. Since then, Native Hawaiian traditions have branched into a melting pot of culture in Hawaii. People of indigenous Hawaiian descent are called Kānaka, or “children of the land”. Non-native residents and foreigners are called Haole, even though they may have been born in US-annexed Hawaii. After a century and a half of frustrations against the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, commercialized stereotypes, and a slow recovery of the Native Hawaiian language once banned by the US government for 82 years, culture true to Native Hawaiian tradition has once again flourished on the islands, which have grown to share it with the world:

  1. honi ihu - greeting through the touching of noses 

  2. lei - worn to signify rank among the chiefs 

  3. hula - a religious dance of worship

  4. mālama ʻāina - the calling of being stewards for the nature they have been given

  5. ʻahaʻaina - the bringing together of people for the enjoyment of a feast.

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