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Metamorphosis is a process that many insects undergo, like a butterfly. In this process, a form of nature changes and becomes a more mature, complete, different form. And that’s kind of like what growing up is to us. Transforming from immature little kids to responsible adults, our metamorphosis. 


As a kid, I never thought about growing up the same way I do now. I thought that growing up just meant being able to reach the pedals on the driver’s side or finally being able to work and have a job. But growing up is so much more than that and it can get complicated at times.


As you grow up pressure keeps building on. Parents expect a lot from you, to be responsible for your own duties, to take care of yourself, and to know how to do grown-up things automatically. It usually starts off with a job and a car but no one really teaches you how to do taxes or what insurance is. It is up to you to figure it out, but what we didn’t know about growing up is that more things come into play besides gaining responsibility for yourself. Feelings become more complicated, love interests appear, and friendships end, and it’s awkward.


Dhiya, who is turning 18 in november shared, “I realized my coming of age moment was when I got a boyfriend. At first I kept having to ask my mom “can I go out with him and so and so”, but then it got to the point where I started to let them know “Hey, I’m going out”. As time passed by my parents understood that I'm an adult and started to let me do things more freely with less questions asked.”



 Some of us are even forced to grow up. Living in a single parent household with siblings can be hard. Especially if you are the oldest, this could mean being the second parent to your younger siblings. It’s the loss of innocence that can send us into a spiral but at the end we can learn and mature from it. Sometimes not for us, but for others. As you gain responsibility for yourself you can also find yourself.


Andres, who is 18 shared, “While growing up with a little sibling is fun it also teaches you important life lessons. When I was 15 I was often placed in charge of having to care for my little brother. I would often wake up to the sounds of him crying at 3 am and I would go into his room and carry him in my arms till he fell back asleep. Most kids at 15 wouldn’t even imagine having to do that, but that was a part of my responsibilities to my brother. Taking care of another life shows you things and makes you more mature as you are responsible for someone so important. Through taking care of my brother by cleaning his diapers or staying up late nights until he fell asleep, I really matured and learned many life lessons that I’m grateful for learning.”


The transition into becoming an adult and growing up is different from anything we experienced. Even though it could be scary and awkward, it brings us to finding ourselves and finally being comfortable with who we are.

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