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We are living in the habitat of a growing mind: the more it becomes more aware of its surroundings as it adapts, the more we become aware of ourselves. However, such a rapidly-changing environment results in a shaken sense of self. Teenagers are often left with a remaining drive to build up a new narrative.

These changes may be subtle, milestones such as turning a certain age of “reformation” (13, 16, or even 18), or more distressing, sudden situations that can catch off-guard, such as accidents, interruptions in close relationships, or changes in health. The identity that teenagers grew up with becomes almost irrelevant to the new reality of a strange environment. The importance of building a new, positive identity is huge, yet unheard of among too many.

This transition takes a lot of motivation, effort, and above all, time and patience. In the weeks leading up to my sixteenth birthday, I felt an insurmountable amount of responsibility to live up to its expectations; in my culture, turning sixteen as a female entailed a whole-mentality shift to ‘womanhood’. As a result, I was shaken to the core of my identity, which led me to feel, naturally, not myself. Now, I am closer than ever to finding my way back to my path while also boosting positivity in my life guided the tips below:

  1. Setting a positive mindset (self-talk)

A renewed narrative becomes more possible with a positive outlook on life; it starts with building a mindset surrounded with positivity! The information you are exposed to matters, the people who you hang out with regularly matters, and the conversations you have with yourself matters. Limit negative social media, eliminate negativity in everyday social interactions, and work to build yourself up verbally to build yourself up mentally.

  1. Finding your peace (hobbies, routine!)

Build yourself up by your passions of interest: music, writing, reading, cooking and baking, exercise, picture-taking, design, whatever it may be that grounds you and your thoughts. You can create a cycle to follow each day: a routine for waking up, spending your free afternoon, or one to follow at the end of every week. You can build yourself up by your passion for Christ. Living day-to-day in a state of peace helps to build you up from day to day.

  1. Setting reasonable expectations for yourself (healthy boundaries)

The experience of transitioning from one mentality to another, from one life stage to the next, can be challenging and threatening. That is why time to yourself is extremely important; you may already be overwhelmed, so do not overwhelm yourself with more that does not need to be on your plate! Create your own boundaries, but also leave behind the aggressive expectations you have of yourself. Things like needing to be as perfect as possible or believing you are not good enough to accomplish something are things that are weighing you down, believe it or not. Everyone has the ability to accomplish anything; one needs to have motivation and dedication. Leave behind the past that poisons you. Create a new relationship with the present, and declare positivity and prosperity over your life.

  1. Breaking down your walls (reaching out!)

No matter what stage you find yourself in in terms of your relationships, there are always people who love you, support you, seek you out, value you, and care deeply for you no matter what. The people around you can be among the greatest sources of positivity in your life. The kinds of people whose eyes light up when you enter the room. Do not close yourself out from those people, rather find safety with an open heart.

  1. Realizing it’s okay to feel overwhelmed

Allow me to repeat this to you: it is okay to feel overwhelmed. You are not in a place you were not meant to be in at this moment. It is something set up to bless you forever. Your life is a beautiful journey in the works: believe it and you will see it.

Lastly, remember to be kind and compassionate. You are doing the best you can at this moment, and so is everyone around you, struggling with their own personal battles. Take in mind that you can make a real difference in the lives of others and in your own: a positive one.

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