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Freshman year is a new beginning. We have all gone through change from middle school to high school. Being a freshman means setting new goals in your life, making new friends, growing up, and making new memories. That is why we decided to ask some DSA students about their expectations and goals for high school and goals. 



“Going into high school at DSA, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was surprised how seamless my transition was from middle school to high school.” - Amanda Acosta.


“My expectations for high school is to be a good student and to exceed my expectations in getting good grades. I say I will try to get good grades every year of school, but I mean it this time!! I also expect to be able to get to know new people!.”- Samantha Espinosa. 


“To get educated properly.”- Emily Bowley.


“My expectations for high school and DSA is to be able to get a scholarship and to keep in touch with my friends even after I graduate.”- Isabel Castellano. 


“I expect it to be fun and enjoyable. I expect that I will learn a bunch of new stuff.”- Isabella Aragon.


“My expectations for high school and DSA are to be on time, be prepared for class, hand in assignments on time, and to show respect for school property and other students.”- Jade Kelley



“My goals are also to get a scholarship and to graduate with at least a 3.8 gpa.”-Isabel Castellano.


“To get good grades, make new friends, and enjoy every single moment.”- Isabella Aragon.


“To have fun”- Emily Bowley.


“My main goal is just to work hard enough to do well in every assignment and test. Even though it is a little far away, my goal is also to prepare for getting into a good college.”- Samantha Espinosa.


“My goals for this year would be to achieve good grades in all my classes and to just continue to work as hard as I can, even when challenges arise.”- Amanda Acosta.


“My goals are to get all A’s in all my classes, and to make new friends.”- Jade Kelley.

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