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Do the people around you affect who you become?  

Some argue that the people who you surround or have surrounded yourself with do not affect the person you are today. Although you may not be the same person they were or are, they still impact the way you think. One of the hardest things about being a teen transitioning to an adult is finding yourself, discovering how your mind works. 


Some of your personality is bound to resemble your parent’s personality. Growing up, as little kids, we always looked up to our parents. Subconsciously, we start to copy their mannerism and start to handle situations in the same ways. If I grew up in a household where instead of confronting someone you avoid and ignore them, then I would have grown up and most likely handled similar situations the same way. 


We are influenced by everything around us. Our clothing is based on current trends, as well as our dialogue too. Hair, makeup, sneakers, jewelry, and hobbies are all influenced by others. Eventually, as you go through these different “phases” of trends and your life, you’re able to find what you like and what fits you.

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