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Senior year can be exhausting, especially if you are already feeling burnt out from the constant buildup of hard work from the previous years. But you wouldn’t have otherwise made it this far.


Deadlines. We are about a week away from the first one. October 15 — college. Or November 1st. Just thinking about the black void that is our future is daunting enough. But the thing that matters the most, the sole thing that takes the utmost importance in affecting the outcome of this year, is what we decide to focus on right now. 


What is that for you? Is it applications? Is it scholarships? Your essay? SAT/ACT scores? 


It should not be about being good enough for our dream school, or any place. It should not be about getting the perfect score. What does it matter to worry about any of these things if we are already good enough in the eyes of God? If we put our focus on him, all we will be left with is peace. If we trust in him and make him our stronghold throughout this journey in our application process, all we will be left with is security. Greatest of all, his desire is for us to succeed in our path. 

Psalm 20:4 says “May he give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” He is a Good Father just waiting to give, and waiting for you to see how much he blesses you not only during this time, but all your life. 

No one college is “the one” for you except for the place that you choose to belong in, not the other way around. Where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be, and where you will be is exactly where you are supposed to go. 

Your future has been set apart by God. By making Him your focus, He will direct you and your desires will align. He placed the people around you to love and support you. During this process, it is incredibly important to remember that the circle of trust in your life is there for you to reach out to, to seek support from. Because with togetherness and the right kind of advice, senior year can become more manageable. And your reach is more possible.

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