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When we watch Gilmore Girls, we want to have the life she had. Living in a small town with your best friend who is also your mom. Having a town be your extended family. Your first boyfriend is the perfect and loving Dean Forester. Her focus on school and good grades which got her into Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Her positive attitude toward those around her and her willingness to help them. 

In the beginning of the series we want to have her life, but throughout the course of it we realize that she also faces hardships like anyone. Her mom’s chaotic decisions affected Rory’s life. For example, the rocky relationship her mom had with her parents, which influenced Rory’s communication with her grandparents. Rory and her dad had a very fragile connection. At the same time, Rory takes responsibility for other hardships in her life because of her impulsive decisions. Mainly being her toxic relationship with Jess Mariano.

All this time we wanted to live Rory’s “perfect” life, but we didn’t give attention to the aspects where she faces difficulties. As teenagers we are used to seeing the good things we want from another person’s life and want to have it, but that blinds us from the fact that everyone goes through tough times. We all have a Rory Gilmore in us in our own world because we all come across trouble and obstacles in life. These obstacles make us grow stronger as a person making us more capable. 

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