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Klaudia - My experience in a boarding school


Education First is a boarding school of idioms located in different places in the United States among other parts of the world and at the age of fourteen I studied in this place. It was the first time that I shared my room with unfamiliar girls. I had also never been away from home for so long, far from my family and above all alone, where all the responsibility was on the decisions I made. 


The next year I came back excited and a little more prepared to face the world independently. I remember entering my room and seeing my roommates asleep, so I quietly left my bags and when I returned I asked them if they spoke spanish or english and from that moment on our friendship started. I was quickly integrated into their group of friends. It was so exciting to talk and listen to different accents of different countries that gave me the sensation of having visited all of them and showed me the diverse cultures and traditions in our world. At lunchtime we used to compare different words or expressions that had different meanings depending on the country, we were scouts of words, hunters of experiences.


This boarding school enriched my cultural knowledge, broadened my vision of life, made me love countries I didn't know, and showed me the habits and lifestyles of each country through each one of those kids. Certainly, this experience made me grow as a person, giving me greater responsibility for my actions, duties, and financial management.


Vicky - Studying Abroad and the Gap Year

One of the best ways to learn is by hands-on experience. Exploring a different country is beneficial to understanding culture, nature, and yourself and knowing what you are drawn to. Many top universities offer study abroad programs to degree-seeking college students. Among the most popular destinations are Italy, Spain, England, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Argentina, and Costa Rica (Zaremba 2022). You can become taken into architectural history, the breadth of a new language, a world of cuisine, a wave of local culture, hidden-gem encounters with nature, and greatly diverse experiences. 

On the other hand, to make all such discoveries on your own, outside of a formal study abroad college program, could be a more efficient and cost-effective way to travel. Outside of a program you get full flexibility to the length of time spent studying and traveling on your own to where you want to go, when you want to go, and what you want to do. To spend the year studying abroad at the university of your own terms is typically $2,000 for an academic year, while to do the same within a program is $15,000 (Aitreks). To take a year to live and travel on your own terms is the basis of the Gap Year option and the very reason why it is so popular. It allows a student to recharge from academic burnout and learn about their own interests by taking that year to explore them. Despite being seen as a waste of time, mistakenly, it can be a wise tactic to build your resume with activities like volunteering/interning abroad, learning a skill, gaining work experience in your field of interest, and studying a language that can attract future employers (Mulugeta 2022). Most importantly, along with experience, you gain a lifelong motive to stay engaged and keep traveling!


Traveling, like most industries, has increased in price post-pandemic. Visiting beautiful landscapes, people, culture, food, comes with a big check. However, the world can offer beautiful and affordable sites. Here is a list of cheap destinations:

  1. Bali is a popular destination when you’re on a budget. You are able to find accommodation for $10 per night. Accommodations look out to beautiful mountains and beaches that offer a peaceful experience. 

  2. Thailand is one of the cheapest on the list. Plan to spend $87 per day on food, transportation, and accommodation. With this small budget you’ll experience its warm beaches on pinteresque boats and a welcoming environment.

  3. The Dominican Republic is a place I personally recommend to anyone to choose as a vocational spot. Within this small Caribbean island you’ll be able to find small priced hotels with amazing service. 

  4. The U.S. Virgin Islands is the United States secret treasure. This island is an American territory that is frequently occupied by tourists who discovered the small land. This place offers great activities such as hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, etc. Surrounded by youth, the spot is a wonderful space to share with your friends while you’re young 

  5. Croatia is a stunning country to choose from. With its mixed culture, the country is filled with intrinsic architecture and beautiful sightseeing. This is another one you don't want to miss!

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