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If you didn’t already know, you are living in a cultural bubble infused many times over with the expression of the arts: we have music; we have architecture; we have murals; we have festivals; we have international presence. In the month of February, Miami hosted the annual Heritage Festival in the Arsht Center—featuring African artists and a collaborative community mural painting—multiple theater and auditorium performances, including ballet and orchestra, The Artists’ Book Fair at the Miami Design District, the annual Coconut Grove Art Festival, and many more regular offerings such as museums, concerts, botanical gardens, and more.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the local cultural art experience, here are several offerings taking place in Miami in the month of March:

  • Wicked the Musical // March 1-5

  • 40th Annual Miami Film Festival // March 3-12

  • Jazz in the Gardens // March 11-12

  • Annual Calle Ocho Music Festival // March 12

  • Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo // March 16-April 9

  • Miami Music Week // March 21-26

  • Ultra Music Festival // March 24-26



For those who haven’t watched the show Wicked, and wish to do so, should not read this article… Last night, I watched the Broadway show “Wicked” for the first time. I had no expectations or standards to hold for the show. As the theater’s lights dim, the music hums, and the curtains slowly rise, anticipation grows throughout the audience. 


Honestly, I was shocked with how the show came out to be. I didn’t realize how corrupt and disturbing the Land of Oz was. I kept thinking to myself as every scene flashes by how this show is not meant for children. The story entails betrayal and tragedy. It turned out that the Wicked Witch of the West is actually good and wished to preserve the land, not destroy it. The Wizard of Oz was evil and corrupted, and he plagued the land, trying to destroy the Land’s magic with the excuse of “trying to make everyone happy”. It showed that every character in the show is “Wicked”, plotting destruction to others. 


The story is heartbreaking at most as everyone knows how the “Wizard of Oz” ends, the Wicked Witch of the West dies. But she doesn’t die because of her “Wickedness” rather her kindness to help others and save the Land of Oz. As shocked as I was, the Broadway show is a great story, tragic, but still great. Every song was illumines and catchy, and the actors were great at depicting loss, confusion, and tragedy. Overall, I am pleased with how the show came out to be. The production was great, however, I am still shocked with the true story of the Wizard of Oz.



The beginning of animations dates back to the 1800s and now it has evolved so much and is part of our daily lives. Animations can be seen in shows, movies, and commercials. The first animation ever, according to historians, is Fantasmagorie; a french film by Emile Cohl was made in 1908. It was the most sophisticated cartoon for its time. Just from watching this short film , 2 minutes long, you can see how this was the blueprint for many cartoons soon to come like Popeye, Tom and Jerry, and Bugs Bunny. 


Animations were at first silent films, it was not until Disney’s, SteamBoat Willie, that the first animated work was made with synchronized sound on picture. Soon movies were made and even company’s like Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros and more created empires of animations. Arguably, animation could be one of the greatest forms of entertainment.


Animation is not limited to cartoons but is also a great part of video games. It helps create a more immersive experience. Video games were less realistic before but now with technology to draw on computer softwares,  3D environments, characters, and objects are created. Games like Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty are results of this evolution in animation.


Overall, animation has been also used as a learning too. Online sites like I-Ready, an online learning program, and even Minecraft have helped students like us engage in our studies better. Many youtube channels have caught on to this method and use animation as well, for example, The Bible Project and Crash Course. Animation is a great part of our lives, even if we may not realize it.



Architecture has been around for a long time, reflecting the culture through every inch of the building; from the extremely intricate infrastructure of the renaissance to the sharp lines of modern architecture. Behind every piece of architecture, there is an architect that splashes their personal characteristics and creativity onto their projects. Architecture is a beautiful career that will be around us forever. As much as robots and AI’s are taking over many jobs, they will never develop the originality of creativity the human being has. 

If you are interested in pursuing architecture, you may know that many universities require a portfolio. Your architecture portfolio should demonstrate you're creative and artistic abilities to the professors. This could range from photography to architectural blueprints. What you provide in your portfolio is a first impression. It demonstrates your skill and passion for art. 

Here are a few things you could include in your portfolio:

  1. Photography

  2. Paintings

  3. Drawings

  4. Ceramics

  5. 3D Models


Miami is a city that can be described with the word “ART” where the different types of cultures are involved in the creation of the different art around the city. I will present to you some art activities that you visit in your free time in the city.


If you are into fashion, design, architecture, and dining experiences, Design District will be the place for you. In this place, you will be able to see different fashion stores, take pictures of the different types of art on the streets and delight your mouth with different restaurants. One of the most beautiful museums to visit is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens which was built in 1916 is a villa with Italian renaissance architecture that is surrounded by lush and formal gardens. At Perez Art Museum you will be able to admire modern and contemporary art. This museum is unique because the collection is dedicated to international art of the 20th and 21st centuries. 


Cubaocho museum and performing art center is a place where you can go and admire the cultural appreciation of Cuba where you will learn about the country through its music and art. Wynwood is the perfect place to take pictures. The art is reflected in the walls that while you are walking through the place it is unavoidable to take pictures. 



When I think of art, I can think of many different things. Music, film, literature. I grew up in a family where those things filled the walls of my childhood home. I recall my dad showing me a line of classic films, my now favorite music, and constant trips to bookstores and museums. That is what made my childhood. 

I had a really happy childhood, in every way possible my parents made my life light up in colors I can only now see in memories. One of my happiest memories takes me back to when I was about six years old. My family and I would often go to a museum in Mexico that is catered for children. The museum is filled with all these bright lights, fun activities, and interactive forms of art. I love that place with all of my heart because through that place, I made my childhood really amazing in every way. 

This little art filled museum, the one I would spend all my weekends in. The one where we would take picnics to and read in the lawns. That is the place where I can call mine. My family. Our own little corner. That place brought my family together in ways I can’t begin to describe. All through art. Through all the different forms. Music, film, literature. All the things that made my childhood mine.

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